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Here's some stuff for sale or trade Mail

Tête Indy

1/6 vintage head.

Disney Vinyl

Disney 10" Vinyl Statue.

Disney Vinyl Statue

Past Toys "Relic Hunter", 12inch (2001).

Escape Escape

Andrea "The Escape!".

Escape Escape

Andrea Press 2001

Horizon Vinyl Kit Horizon Vinyl Kit

Horizon Vinyl Kit.


Muppets : Adventure Kermit Exclusive
This 5" Kermit the Frog is modeled after Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It comes with hat, MK VII bag, handgun, bull whip and even comes with a 'Gonzo' idol. This was an exclusive only available in 2004 and sold at conventions by Palisades..


Micro Machines Vehicle Set
This Micro Machines set by Galoob was available sometime in the late 1990's and features miniature vehicles from all three Indiana Jones films, including Raiders of the Lost Ark. This set contains Jock's plane, The Pan Am Clipper and the Flying Wing..

Desert Chase Action Scene Desert Chase Action Scene

Raiders of the Lost Ark Desert Chase Action Scene
This popular MPC snap together model kit came out not long after the films release and is the only model kit released for this film. This kit is still in it's original shrink wrap...






Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Action figures™


Walt Disney - Exclusive Serie - INDIANA JONES ACTION FIGURE

ljn ljn

Dossier de presse Activision "Jeu Vidéo Lego" + stickers + CDROM.

Catalogue Lego 01 Catalogue Lego 02 Catalogue Lego 03

Catalogue Lego.


Boite Lego

jeu jeu

Boite de jeu "Indiana Jones Partez à la recherche des trésors perdus"


tshirt crew

T-Shirt crew Temple Maudit - taille: XL 46-48 / Cast and Crew Men T-Shirt (Temple of Doom)


bapty bapty

Ancien catalogue Bapty & Co., la société qui louait les armes aux films Indiana Jones ou James Bond.

Bapty Book Of Arms Catalog - Bapty hired firearms to many UK filmed military, science fiction and fantasy films including: Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones etc.

Prop Replica

pierre pierre

Pierre de Sankara lumineuse en cristal de sel / Sankara stone with light (crystal salt)


Wolf Kahler Wolf Kahler Wolf Kahler

Moulage du visage de Wolf Kahler / Dietrich's melting face (Wolf Kahler).

buste Ford

Moulage visage Harrison Ford en plâtre peint.
Plaster life cast mold of Harrison Ford

buste Ford

Prototype buste 1/1 : Harrison Ford. En résine pleine.
Full bust 1/1 in resin (very heavy)

buste Ford buste Ford

Buste Indiana Jones taille 1/1. Entièrement peint, avec perruque sourcils réalistes et yeux en verre.
Le tour de tête (avec perruque) convient pour un chapeau de taille 58 cm et plus. Le chapeau n'est pas compris !
Resin bust all painted with wig, eyebrows, glass eyes.
The hat of the photo is a Herbert Johnson size 58 cm (7 1 / 8 Uk, 7 1 / 4 U.S.). It is NOT included !

storyboard storyboard

Script "Raiders of the Lost ark" - couverture toilée (215 x 303 mm)

Original Prop

tshirt crew

Sabre original Thuggee (Temple Maudit) / Thuggee sword (Temple of Doom). Made of metal and used in various scenes of the film.

tshirt crew

Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom : Miniature Fedora.

Life Magazine

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Life Magazine

Raiders Papers

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Lucasfilm production material.

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